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Premier Injury Center is your one-stop location for all medical and chiropractic needs. Our main goal is to help you feel better through the best and most advanced medical techniques available today. Here, you will find all of our advanced solutions in one convenient location.

We would value the opportunity to meet you and show you ways  to reduce, even eliminate your pain through our best practices methods. Our doctors are board certified, highly trained individuals who will always have your best interest in mind.

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    Meet Dr. Ajay Syam

    Dr. Ajay Syam is well skilled in diagnosis and is an expert in treatment of the human body and its intricate design. His vision as a physician is to treat as many of your pain needs at one location so that traveling to multiple location for relief of pain is reduced for the patient. With this vision, his practice has grown into a multidisciplinary clinic with several Primary Care physicians, Physical Therapy, Massage Therapy, Chiropractic Care & Regenerative Medicine.

    Patient Reviews

    Here’s what our patients had to say about our services:

    Switched chiropractors to address issues with my hips and back. I finally felt like I was working with someone who knows what they’re talking about. The practice is very professional and efficient. They had me feeling better in a few visits. Highly recommended!

    Brooke Large

    I’m a former NFL athlete and have many old injuries and aches i deal with. Premier injury center and Dr Syam took good care of me and made a huge difference in my quality of life. I feel amazing now and it’s because of this place and people.

    Jay Richardson

    As a former college athlete with multiple injuries Dr Syam and his medical team have been great to my recover and to my functionality. I have had 2 hip surgeries, fractured back, spinal stenosis L1 through L5 and several other injuries. I recently had the stem cell injection in my lower back and its been about a year since I have it done. I was skeptical at first however I feel great, I am able to do things that I haven’t been able to do in over 10 years. I am grateful for this group and would highly recommend their services to any patient who is in pain.

    Timothy Nguyen

    I received treatment for tendinitis at Premier, and the results have been incredible! I would highly recommend exploring regenerative medicine with the professionals at Premier.

    Roger Soroka

    Dr. Syam and his staff are truly remarkable. My wife and I flew to Columbus Ohio from Texas to meet with Dr. Syam. His consultation was thoughtful, educating and he provided various choices for treatment. The procedure we selected was state of the art and not offered in Texas. Combined with customized rejuvenative therapy; Our results were simply unparalleled. Our friends and family continually comment on her outcome. I’m grateful for Dr. Syam and his staff; I highly recommend his services.

    Fred Kelley

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