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A team of physicians lead by Dr Ajay Syam, are healing injury fast while providing the best, lasting results. Regenerative Medicine has been a game changer for thousands of athletes across the US and abroad. Time is of the essence when your team is counting on you to participate and do your part. Downtime makes you anxious, depressed and is not something that is on your side.

Sports Injuries and Surgery – Important Information

Surgery is not only puts you out of commission for a lengthy amount of time, but in most cases is painful and keep you from sports and other desired activities. Some common sports injuries that were previously thought to only be treated with corrective surgery are:

• Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) Tears
• Disc (back) Dislocations
• Shoulder Dislocations
• Meniscal Tears
• Tendonitis
• Kneecap Dislocation
• Severe Fractures
• Cartilage Deterioration / Hip Replacement (from high impact sports, such as running)

Recovery from surgery will depend on the severity of the injury and the surgical procedure; however, most injuries will require a long resting period after surgery when the damaged joint, muscle or soft tissue should be allowed to fully heal. Once healing begins, physiotherapy is commonly used to build strength around the injured area. This will increase range of motion and flexibility around the joint or muscle.

Surgical procedures are typically very invasive, meaning there is increased risk of infection. Other side-effects are usually associated with anaesthesia and may include nausea, tiredness and bouts of confusion. Some people are afraid of having surgery and feel anxious and/or scared the days leading up to the procedure.

Leading Sports Medicine Clinic Columbus OHNow … See why you probably don’t need surgery for sports injuries

Stem cells (regenerative medicine) work by releasing proteins and growth factors that begin healing the damages cells while reducing inflammation. Stem cells then double / repopulate into brand new, healthy cells which rebuild cartilage and other tissues within your joints. These new stem cells are 4 to 5 more potent than the damaged cells. This means that your body can regrow cartilage as if you were a child. Literally, any joint that is affected by degeneration that is caused by injury or trauma can be repaired. Stem cell injections are a simple, reliable and a straight forward way to improve your quality of life. Increase strength and mobility while avoiding the risks and downtime associated with surgery.

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